CHUCHEL is a beautiful comedy-adventure game coming to Android early 2018


🌀If you were thinking that there had been a drought of adorable comedy-adventure titles on Android, then the news of CHUCHEL might be music to your ears.

🌀CHUCHEL is an upcoming game from Czech indie studio Amanita Design, who you may know as the team behind point-and-click adventure games Samorost, Botanicula, and Machinarium. It looks like another wacky take on the adventure game genre, typical of the studio, though trying to work out specifically how it plays based on the trailer above isn’t exactly easy (I’d recommend playing it with sound if you want to get the full experience).

🌀Apparently, the title follows the story of CHUCHEL — the black, fuzzy ball in the trailer with the orange hat — as he tries to retrieve a cherry that the game’s villain keeps stealing.

🌀The game will feature puzzles as in Amanita Design’s previous games, but those usually put off by tricky puzzles will be pleased to know that CHUCHEL is set to be a little different.

🌀Speaking to Polygon, Amanita Design said that the game “doesn’t rely as much on complicated puzzles as it does on the main character, humor, animation, and sounds.”

🌀CHUCHEL is coming early 2018 to Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, but we don’t know anything yet about price details. You can sign up to the mailing list at for updates.Amanita currently has no plans to bring the game to consoles.



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